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Do you think we should specify the "body type" of the characters (e.g. slender, athletic, muscular, etc.) in the infoboxes?

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Satsuki Kiryuin Infobox

Winner of the poll: "Which is your favorite female character from Kill la Kill?".
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Which is your favorite female character from Eiken?

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Chibi-face IMPORTANT! For all the image uploaders, this wiki is more focused in collecting official images that show the body measurements and/or cup size of anime girls, of course we also upload images of the characters' breasts, but remember, if you upload content that is too suggestive is some way, staff members might delete some of your pictures if they consider them inappropriate.
Welcome to the Anime Boobs Wiki!
The Anime Boobs Wiki is a site where we collect the body measurements and other personal info of our favorite anime girls and classify them according to their breasts size.

Is important to mention that even though this wikia contains a lot of suggestive content, it is NOT A PORNOGRAPHIC SITE, so in order to respect the Wikia's Terms of Use, we will not allow any images of explicit nudity or sex acts. Please be careful with the images you upload and be sure to check our image guidelines. Thanks.
Site Updates
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    Hello, I've been busy and I haven't done much (except for small edits from time to time).

    I updated the image guidelines and the most important changes are the following:

    • Character portraits are not obligatory, but recommended.
    • A list of examples of the types of pictures featuring breasts (that are allowed) was added.

    I'm also in AnimeVice, so if I'm not around here you can find me there .

    Read more >
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    Recently I've been busy and I think I won't be around here for a week. Once I return I will try to add more pages and make important changes in the image guidelines in order to adapt better to the Wikia's Terms of Use, specially now that you can't request a content warning page to prevent "borderline" images from being deleted.

    Does this mean that the wiki's guidelines will be more strict?, yes, and I'm a little bit afraid that this could discourage users from participating in our wiki. However …

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Helping Out

If you're new and you don't know where to start, here are some things you can do to help us:

1. Add characters to our database: just enter the character's name in the box below and click "Add character":

  • Check our Layout Guide if you have questions about the structure of the page.
  • References for the cup size and body measurements are obligatory, please don't forget to add them.

2. Fill the "Appearance" sections of the character pages.

3. Upload breasts portraits for the following characters.

4. Identify the source of the following images.
Thanks for your help :)
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If you are interested in affiliating with this wikia, please contact us.
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